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The Desperation of Online Marketers

I am on the mailing lists of more than a few online direct marketers. I purchased products from some, tried and returned products from a few and got unsolicited emails from a few more. Maybe you are the same.

Most of what they send is crap, frankly. And, too often, they are hyping the same products. I know this because inevitably, they all spin the same new stuff their own way within a day or two of each other. This is their desperation!

But, it got me to thinking about the world of online direct marketing and how they, and many of us, get trapped into thinking that this is how it must be to earn a decent living in the online world. You know the process, build a list, email to the list, share the list to build the list, email to the list. Create, private label or become an affiliate and do it all over again. Until we forget why we started doing this!

So, let me step back and ask you why you are doing this; Why are you doing this? For the money? For the time you can spend with your family? To make up for the lack of good employment in your area? Why?

Next, let me ask you about your results. Are they what you were hoping for when you started down this path? Are you really making the money you expected? Do you have the time with your family that you wanted, or are you spending more time in front of your computer, tablet and smartphone trying to make a sale on some super affiliates product.

Well, if the reality of your activities are more the latter than the realization of your expectations, let me suggest an alternative. Leave the online marketing of affiliate products to those who are ahead of you on the food chain. Yes, leave the desperation to others and do something different to earn your income.

Learn about “Neighborhood Marketing” and the health and wellness business that’s well over $100 billion in sales revenue each year and that is wide open for your talents! Your neighborhood has hundreds of consumers in it. Your city has hundreds of thousands of prospects. And, unlike your email marketing business, with recurring sales of products that people want and use, you only need a few regular customers to earn a good living. A six figure living.

Isn’t that a much better alternative to marketing products to an unresponsive list and having to find new email addresses and rebuilding your credibility? I found it to be so and you will too.

Take a look at my video, here now, and take a look at what this concept offers you! You won’t be disappointed.

I hope to be talking with you, soon, about how Neighborhood Marketing can get you back on track to the kind of life you wanted when you decided to get into online marketing.

How Many Calories Does Sizzle Have?

The network marketing world is wonderfully diverse. It covers many different product types and services and has a range of commission models and preferred marketing methods.

But, they all share a common promotion methodology. It’s called “sizzle” which is the stand in shorthand for creating the initial excitement that drives distributors to them. You’ve seen this with big events where you can mingle with their big hitters or listen to well known motivational speakers. On a local level, the “fake it till you make it” types will dazzle you with their latest big check or show you an expensive watch or walk you out to their luxury sedan or high end sports car.

And, you are impressed! Maybe enough to sign on and fork over your money for whatever their requirements are for their undivided attention to you. But, how many calories does sizzle have? Can you live on sizzle and be successful on sizzle alone?

What if, after signing up and doing everything you’re told to do, there’s no steak? Or, there is steak, but it’s tough and unchewable or fatty? What do you do? Well, you get as much of your money back as you can and run away!

But, after licking your wounds and recovering from the foolish feelings, don’t give up on network marketing! There are good and substantial companies in the marketplace that can be the product and support base for your dreams of success. Just ask a few questions before you take the plunge. Then, run if it’s more sizzle or sign up if there is actual steak and substance!

Here are a few questions that should be easy to answer for any distributor who is attempting to recruit you

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Who founded it?
    1. If it’s a wellness based MLM, the founders had better be involved in the product formulations
    2. If it’s a wellness based MLM, how many graduate level researchers are directly involved in product development?
  3. Has the company ever been sued for its business practices?
  4. Does the company manufacture its products(assuming that it’s a product based company)?
  5. Can the company produce 1099’s of successful business leaders?
  6. What are the product purchase requirements for a business building distributor?
  7. How many people must be recruited as your downline to produce a decent income?

This should be your short list of questions in any recruiting discussion. I hope that it creates more questions for you. And, be positive, but be wise in your research. There’s a good living to be had in network marketing, but only if you can learn to sniff through the sizzle to find the steak!

I would enjoy talking with you about the network marketing company that I work with.  If you want direct marketing success with a terrific opportunity to earn a substantial income from a minimum of downline business builders, click this link now!

What’s Your “Magic Number”?

Your “Magic Number” is the number of purchases or downline recruits that it will take for you to get to your financial goals in your Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing activities. It is the only meaningful number to you as it’s what will pay your bills when you are successful in your chosen business.


With an affiliate marketing business, the magic number is derived from the number of unit sales on a daily basis times the number of affiliate programs you represent times the amount of commission, minus any refunds.


With a network marketing program, it is the number of direct downline members times the group income from product sales times the commission on sales less any product returns. This is a generic model that assumes that you get paid on product sales with an increasing commission for leadership of business recruits and assistance in their business development.


You want to take a look at starting an affiliate or network marketing business that can earn at least a part time income of $1,500 per month with further income above that to replace your existing job. What are the numbers that you need for each model to attain the $1,500? In an affiliate marketing model, it is almost impossible to build a generic model because of the many options available; software product, ebooks, consumer products, industrial products, services. And, ways to engage with the marketplaces offering products to affiliates, Commission Junction, Clickbank and Amazon to name the most well known.


Most importantly with an affiliate marketing business, you must start with a website that draws a sufficient amount of traffic. This requires a fair amount of online marketing expertise, web design and copywriting experience. Most of that can be purchased through outsourcing sites like elance and rent a coder but it adds both expense and time to your start up timing.


But, here’s a tip for which niche to choose in an affiliate marketing business, the biggest marketplace for software products and ebooks is “How To Make Money in Affiliate Marketing” and How To Make Money on Clickbank”! That should tell you a lot about the entire marketplace for reselling products and services online.


With network marketing companies, the magic number is somewhat easier to get to as they will publish their compensation policies and all you need do is to apply it to your income goals. And, network marketing, or MLM companies are in a wide range of market niches, so you can generally find a marketplace to suit your interests and ambition. Additionally, there is a wealth of support in MLM companies as you can only join one through an existing member, or business leader. He or she can explain their success strategies and the company itself will typically have their own product and business recruiting literature in addition to their corporate website available for your use. That makes for a good base to start your personal marketing efforts.


So, what is a reasonable “magic number” to achieve your personal goals? The smaller the better! The fewest number of downline recruits in a network marketing company indicates to me that it has a generous commission policies and a long lasting user community.

As an example of how small the “magic number” can be, mine is two to earn a minimum of $1,500 each month. And, it scales to 10 to earn a typical income of $50K per month! Those are the kind of numbers I like!


In summary, both article marketing and network, or MLM marketing, can offer a good to great income for you if you are interested in making the commitment to the effort involved. Affiliate marketing requires a greater degree of technical expertise and possible expense for a greater effort to get to a minimum income. Network marketing offers more company and personal upline support and, potentially a smaller “magic number” to get to that same minimum income. Which one will you choose?

 If the idea of a very low “magic number” with a high earnings potential appeals to you, click here to contact me!

Why Your MLM Online Marketing Sucks!

If you are a network marketer, you are very likely doing some form of online marketing. It could just be a Facebook presence or you may be putting your “dream board” on Pinterest in the expectation of like minded souls running into your fantasy beach home or Ferrari and Porsche pictures.

Perhaps you have been following the latest MLM online guru who has a full complement of adwords, or long tail keyword or article strategies for you to follow, and buy. Maybe you are paying your MLM company for their website services.

How ever much involved you are in any or all of the above, STOP!! NOW!! Here’s why; It doesn’t work for most MLM’ers, it drains funds that can otherwise be used for more effective marketing and it distracts you from your business.

So, what’s the alternative that will help you to reach your business goals? Simple, straightforward, Neighborhood Marketing. What is it, you ask? It is the direct marketing that you regularly do in your immediate neighborhood and area.

To understand why this is the most effective marketing to do to get you to your business goals, ask yourself a few easy to answer questions:

  • How many people live in your town
  • How many people live in your county
  • How many small businesses operate in your town
  • How much direct marketing do they do

These easy to answer questions will guide you to success in your business, once you have your growth goals firmly established. You have a clear understanding of what it takes to move ahead in your network marketing company, don’t you? That is simply the number of consumers and/or downline business builders it takes in your network for you to meet your income objectives.

The answers to the above questions along with the absolute number of people you must recruit into your business, or get to change their brand habits to your products is the magic number to your business success in your chosen MLM company. And, you don’t need the distractions of online marketing to keep you from the swift completion of your personal goals!

If you are in the U.S. and want to get started in a network marketing business that will amply reward you for the long term, contact me to discuss how my blueprint for quick income will help you to build your business!

Why Affiliate Marketers Should Be Network Marketers

As I have researched online marketing in general, I have noticed that the overlap in skills and interests between Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers is very high. And, I have come to this conclusion, if you are an Affiliate Marketer, you really should be a Network Marketer! Bear with me for a bit as I run down why I believe this to be so.

The profile for Affiliate Marketers is (similarities with Network Marketers are in bold type and differences are shown with indented bullets):

  • Almost evenly split between women and men
    • Network Marketing has historically been mostly women’s businesses
  • Close to half have a four year degree
  • Most are married and have children
  • Most work from home
  • Affiliate Marketers are overwhelmingly SoHo single person businesses
    • Network Marketing has more spousal involvement in successful businesses
  • Growth in Affiliate Marketing has exploded since the recent 2009 recession
    • Network Marketing business growth tends to rise during recessions
  • Most are distributing consumer products exclusively
    • Affiliates have a higher percentage of information products
  • Most select products based on their commission rate
  • About half select products based on personal experience
    • Most Network Marketers select products based on friends testimonials
  • More than half are promoting up to 20 different products
    • Network Marketers stay with a single product company/plan
  • Fewer than 10% of Affiliate Marketers earn more than $50K
  • Close to 40% of Affiliate Marketers earn less than $5K

From a marketing activity perspective, the similarities between the two business types are, again, startling. Most Affiliate Marketers concentrate on SEO, blogging and social media activities to promote their businesses, as do Network Marketers. Fewer of either discipline use email marketing to promote their products.

So, what are the differences? Network marketing is a more social business than Affiliate marketing and network marketers tend not to spend much time analyzing their entry into their business, as their growth has historically been a word of mouth, friend/family member to friend/family member.

Network marketing favors product based offerings, health and wellness, weight loss, muscle gain and some telecommunications and internet based products while a large percentage of affiliates are still offering ebooks and software.

As network marketing businesses grow, they do not present a greater marketing effort to its owner to recruit downline distributors while for an affiliate business to grow into a super affiliate,  recruiting lower level affiliates requires more websites, different copywriting strategies and further time and expense if the marketing effort is outsourced.

A further, and more significant difference between these businesses is that product research and the base of marketing materials is easier with a network marketing business. While many affiliate marketers bristle at having these materials available, it is a distinct advantage in understanding the product and in doing web development and copywriting faster.

Both businesses suffer from a long ramp to income, but network marketing companies have responded with aggressive start up bonuses for their new distributors who both sell their products and recruit new distributors into their company.

Finally, affiliate marketers have a large marketing advantage over network marketers as affiliates already understand the online challenges and processes for getting online and being responsive to website visitors and business recruiting whereas network marketers tend to not have that background due to the history of the business model and a lack of online sophistication.

So, to wrap up, if you are currently either an affiliate marketer or looking into starting your online business, you should seriously consider becoming a network marketer, especially in the weight loss and health and wellness market where growth is off the charts from our obesity epidemic and Baby Boomers who want to look, feel and be young longer than their parents.

Contact me to learn about how I can help you to start your network marketing business with the best weight loss and most generous compensation programs you never heard of! And, I have a successful method of helping you to a fast start to a decent income if you need to earn quickly.

Learn How To Fund Your Network Marketing Business

The biggest obstacle I hear from people who are interested in a network marketing business is how to earn money quickly! Most MLM businesses are “bootstrap” operations started by people who are too often squeezed by an income that hasn’t increased in years and want to have a better life for themselves and their family. That means that they cannot spend money on marketing their new business, but want a way to build it with whatever resources they can find.

So, how can a new financially strapped business get off the ground with these problems? How about starting a short term business that brings in a quick income while also marketing their new MLM business? Sounds nuts, I know, but I have been successful in combining services that neighborhood businesses regularly use with my own marketing efforts to attract new product users and business builders.

Simply, there are many advertising methods that local small businesses use that can be supplied by a motivated network marketer. Many guerilla marketing methods require nothing more than time and effort. And, they can also be employed by you to help your neighborhood businesses while you piggyback your advertising while they pay you to deliver theirs!

To get started, simply look at your own mailbox or door handle. Mass advertising to every home in your neighborhood, or target neighborhood, is already being done by businesses in your area and most don’t have contractual relationships with the companies who are delivering their advertising.

Take some time to talk with the businesses in your neighborhood, offer your service, charge a fair price and you have found your vehicle to a short term income that can get your network marketing business off the ground!

If you are in the U.S. and want to get started in a network marketing business that will amply reward you for the long term, contact me to discuss how my blueprint for quick income will help you to build your business!

Your Home Business Helps Your Neighbors!

Yes, it’s true, having a home based business is good for you and your family, your neighborhood and city. How? It’s simple, small businesses of all kinds are the engine of growth for our country’s economy. There has been a lot of national discussion lately, especially as our sluggish economy drags on, but there is no doubt that your home based small business contributes to much needed economic growth, as I will show below.

So, starting your own small, home based business creates wealth for you and your family and, by extension, will ultimately create employment for many people near you, maybe a few neighbors, too.

Economists have studied the effects small businesses have on our nation’s economy; here are some of their numbers:

  • Small businesses create 50% of our national GDP
  • Employ 50% of all private sector employees
  • Pay 44% of all private payroll
  • Generate 64% of all new jobs (when examined over a 15 year period)

The list of good things that small businesses contribute to the U.S. economy goes on, but these few facts alone are impressive and should give you encouragement in starting your own home business!

But, you may be wondering, do these facts apply to larger, well financed, startups and not a small, home business? No, the reality is that just over half of all small businesses are home based and over 62% of those have no employees! And, close to 60% of all small businesses have revenues of less than $25,000 and are either family owned or founder owned! Small businesses are you, your family, your neighbors, their families, people you know and people they know.

You’ve no doubt heard that the raw, ugly percentage of business failure in the first year of operation is an astounding 85%! So, you may be worried more about the chances for failing in your home business rather than being confident about the possibility of success.

That’s understandable, but, with knowledge comes confidence! It’s true that most failures occur early in a business’s life and the chance of success rises as the years go by. But, let’s dig deeper into why the small business failure rate is so high. Very few of those failures are bankruptcies, about 6%, meaning most of those first year failures were voluntary and due to a few other reasons.

Lack of experience and insufficient capital were the two highest reasons for voluntary business closure, with other reasons like inventory management, poor location, competition and low sales as less important contributors to failure.

Another reason why you may be reluctant to start your own home business is that you don’t want to write a business plan! Well, you don’t need one! There are no differences between successful small businesses with one and without, with one exception. And, that lone exception is when a business wants to secure investment capital, something that very few home based businesses will need.

With the above pitfalls in mind, you may wonder whether a small business exists that you can acquire with little capital in a growing market. A home business that you can start with expert and extensive help to you and that will reward your hard work with a good income while you build equity for yourself and your family.

There is, and it’s in a rapidly growing market in a rapidly growing demographic! It’s the Health and Wellness market that has the Baby Boomer generation as the population that is driving explosive growth and will create wealth for the smart business owner who markets to it. Growth that will continue for many years to come as Baby Boomers, born between 1945 and 1964, are joining at the rate of 25,000 per day! And, they want to keep their health, vigor, youthful appearance and active lifestyle as long as possible.

With your focus on Baby Boomers, and anyone who wants to be as healthy as possible, you have a ready market for high quality, effective and safe products that will help them achieve their lifestyle and appearance goals while you create a great business for yourself. A business with minimal startup costs and that has a wealth of marketing and operational help and support and one in which your whole family can participate.


Ken is dedicated to helping motivated people learn about exciting income alternatives that will help them to live a more abundant, secure and happier life with their own successful network marketing business.

Visit my site, now, to learn how you can enjoy a more prosperous life and have the time to enjoy it!

What Ann Romney Said…

Ann Romney recently responded to a snarky comment about her life as a stay at home Mom. Without going into the politics of it, she did acknowledge how difficult it is to be a stay at home Mom, even with the financial resources of being a Romney.

But, is that enough? How similar was her life as compared to yours, if you stay at home to raise your kids? What financial challenges do you face, what sacrifices do you make to sustain your life without Ann Romney’s family wealth? Were you a professional career woman who changed “careers” to be with your kid’s, does your husband/partner have the wherewithal to support your growing family? Is he/she vulnerable to layoff’s in this continuing poor economy, perhaps requiring you to find work outside of your home?

Perhaps you have researched work at home positions to ease the financial strain and generate some income as a fallback plan. Did you find anything worth pursuing that would truly add to the family finances while leaving you with the time necessary to spend with the children?

It is likely that you encountered more scams and schemes than legitimate opportunity. Unfortunately, that’s how it is, mostly. But, not always.

There are legitimate home business opportunities out there, but they are not always the most noticeable. Some are quietly helping regular families, like yours, to add to their incomes while leaving more than enough time for them to enjoy their life choices. Some families have even gone on to make it their only source of income!

Any legitimate business, large or small, takes dedication and time to build. But how much time depends on your honest efforts to reach out to other’s in similar situations, or develop effective marketing to find receptive prospects. Productive time to build your business can be found when your children are napping, at school, at play. Time on the playground can be used to talk with other Mom’s who may also be searching for financial relief and are receptive to your activities.

The ideal home business is one that offers consumable products, ideally green oriented, and offers all of the back of the house systems you should expect like direct delivery to your customers, online payment systems, order tracking and direct deposit of your compensation.

But, how do you choose such a product partner? Here are a few suggestions, look for a company that has been in business for some time. Avoid new companies, or ones that make aggressive claims about their products. Work only with a true manufacturer, not a reseller of other’s products.

And, that manufacturer must also be the developer of their own products, so look for how many researchers they employ, if they are offering nutrition products, even how many papers they have published in legitimate peer reviewed magazines.

Finally, how much will you make for your efforts. After all, you are doing this to help your family, so you want as generous a compensation plan as you can find!

Congratulations on choosing to be at home with your children, It is a choice that few families are making, but it is one that is important! Make it a little less financially perilous by taking a look at work at home opportunities, including one here!

Working to 80?

So, the new retirement plan for many workers is, working until they are 80! According to a just released survey by Wells Fargo,

  • A quarter (25%) of middle class Americans say they will “need to work until at least age 80” to live comfortably in retirement
  • Three-fourths (74%) of middle class Americans expect to work in their retirement years, including 39% of all respondents who will need to work to make ends meet or maintain their lifestyles, while 35% say they will work because they want to, rather than out of financial need.
  • Among middle class Americans age 40 to 59, 54% say they will “need to work,” compared to 34% of those age 25 to 39. Accordingly, only 25% of those between the ages of 40 and 59 say they will work in retirement because they “want to,” versus 45% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 39.
  • Of the Americans who will work in retirement, 47% say they will do “similar work” to their pre-retired years, while 42% say they will work in a position that requires “less responsibility.”

Welcome to the post “Great Recession of the Early 21st Century” economic world!

On the other hand, retirement, as we have come to know it, is a recent mid-20th century concept. As the collective wealth of nations increased after WWII, and economic growth seemed unlimited, it became possible for the growing middle class to have enough savings to retire to a warm place and pursue the leisure activities they put off during their working and child rearing years. That didn’t last long, did it!

Now, with the stark reality of no to low growth economies, low corporate employment due to technological advances and offshoring of labor to low cost countries, and the overworking of those with a corporate position, American workers have to face a less than golden future of working longer and in lesser positions to maintain any sort of a decent life for themselves (imagine a very large increase in Walmart greeters!).

Also from the survey:

“A majority of middle class Americans (53%) say they “need to significantly cut back on spending today to save for retirement.” Americans have saved, on average, only 7% of their desired retirement nest egg– a median of $25,000 in retirement savings vs. a median retirement goal of $350,000. Three in ten people (29%) in their 60s have saved less than $25,000 for retirement, possibly indicating they will rely heavily on Social Security.”
If some, any, or all of the above gloomy news affects you, how will you cope with those possibilities? If there is an option to avoid these poor outcomes, to recoup your portfolio losses and enjoy the retirement you expected, would you want to know about it? Or, are you OK with a part time job and your social security check?

There are better options than the choices most people know about. Self employment, especially as a health and wellness network marketer, can provide the income boost that part time work at a local small business or national retailer provides.

The health and wellness field is growing faster than the Baby Boomers! It offers a way to stay meaningfully engaged with those you know, and those you will come to know, as you help them to feel and look younger, longer, and maintain their youthful vigor. Things that are important to Baby Boomers and those who are concerned about their health and vitality.

To explore your network marketing options, and learn about how to get started, go here, now!

Change the future you face by changing it now!

Occupy Wall Street, or Join the 1%?

The new protest movement, Occupy Wall Street, is spreading across the U.S. and now to Europe. Right, or wrong, and regardless of the politics of it all, there is no denying that income inequality here in the U.S. is at it’s widest in some time. Career opportunities for recent college graduates, job openings for the long term unemployed and experienced professionals, are all at all times lows.

How are you doing? As an employee, you are likely doing the work of several laid off co-workers, you haven’t had a raise in a decade, and you fear that you’re the next to be shown the door. Not a pleasant way to spend your week! Joining the ranks of the top 1% of wage earners, about $450,000/ year, seems an impossible goal under these circumstances.

With the current economy the way it is, and will be, for some time to come, how can you improve your financial circumstances? Another job won’t do it. Another career is unlikely, especially if you are over 40, or still paying off your student loans. Franchises opportunities are still available, but do you have the six figures worth of start up capital that so many of them require? No? I’m sorry for the discouraging questions, but change doesn’t happen before an inventory of our personal situation can show where we need the most help.

So, let’s imagine that you want to improve your financial life for yourself and your family. Let’s imagine that you really, no, really(!) want to improve your financial life, but you are stretched for funds, or have little time to spare. How do you change your life for the better?

First, do something different. Anything. Prove to yourself that you can embrace change. Then, look outside of jobs or career improvement for opportunities that can support your financial goals. And, not your current goals, but the goals you had when you believed in yourself and the possibility of accomplishing anything you set your mind to accomplish. Those goals, the ones that you dropped in favor of the responsibilities that you took on, the ones that led you to where you are today.

Now, take a look, with fresh eyes, at opportunities that will support your current financial needs. Opportunities that will support your desire to be more comfortable, more secure, the ones that will permit you to spend more time doing what you want.

That narrows the field to just a couple of legitimate opportunities in what I call an “Everyperson’s Franchise”, network marketing. Especially in the rapidly growing health and wellness market. And, certainly the Baby Boomer segment.

With a good plan, sincere effort, and dedication to your new business, you can earn $1,000 to $1,500 in your first month, and rapidly grow to $4,500 to $6,500 in six to nine months, all while earning bonuses for achieving success in your chosen program. Within twelve to fifteen months, you can earn an additional $100,000 in bonuses alone!

This path to financial security does not come without effort, but it does come to those who are willing to make the effort. Is that you? Can you believe in yourself enough to overcome whatever doubt you may have? Can you overcome whatever negative comments that will be sent your way? Are you willing to learn new things to help others, and work with others to help them to achieve?

Genuine yes answers to the above indicate that you may be right for what is available in the network marketing field.

Take the next step and and get the video that will explain to you all you need to know to decide for yourself if a health and wellness network marketing business is for you.

Follow the link below to my site and fill out the form to get the video. Take one more step to improve your financial wellbeing!


About the Author

Ken Duggan is dedicated to offering secure, entrepreneurial career alternatives for motivated people. Create a financially secure, abundant and healthier life for yourself and your family by building a network marketing business rapidly, using the most effective offline and online marketing strategies available. Visit my site, now, to learn more!

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