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What’s Your “Magic Number”?

Your “Magic Number” is the number of purchases or downline recruits that it will take for you to get to your financial goals in your Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing activities. It is the only meaningful number to you as it’s what will pay your bills when you are successful in your chosen business.   […]

What Ann Romney Said…

Ann Romney recently responded to a snarky comment about her life as a stay at home Mom. Without going into the politics of it, she did acknowledge how difficult it is to be a stay at home Mom, even with the financial resources of being a Romney. But, is that enough? How similar was her […]

Working to 80?

So, the new retirement plan for many workers is, working until they are 80! According to a just released survey by Wells Fargo, A quarter (25%) of middle class Americans say they will “need to work until at least age 80” to live comfortably in retirement Three-fourths (74%) of middle class Americans expect to work […]

Occupy Wall Street, or Join the 1%?

The new protest movement, Occupy Wall Street, is spreading across the U.S. and now to Europe. Right, or wrong, and regardless of the politics of it all, there is no denying that income inequality here in the U.S. is at it’s widest in some time. Career opportunities for recent college graduates, job openings for the […]

And the Bad News Keeps on Coming!

By now, you have likely heard the news about how many more Americans are living in poverty since 2008 and how that number doesn’t count those younger people who are living with their parents, or who have moved back in with them. If their income were counted separately, a staggering 45.3% of Americans below age […]

Have You Given Up?

According to several sources, American worker productivity is down as a result of fewer new business start up, read one of the reports, here. This is a new, and troubling finding, as job creation through new businesses is the primary engine of job creation. These reports, of course, do not count network marketing businesses in […]

When the Bad News Keeps Coming…

The weekend’s news did not bring any relief to those of us who are hoping for a better economy! The bad news continues, here’s a good article on the bad numbers and the prospects for a “double dip recession”, the kind not seen since 1937 where the economy gets worse without getting better. There is […]

Be a Temp or Be Unemployed

An article in today’s WSJ pulled the curtains off of corporate America’s hiring plans, read it, here. Now, labor is a “variable input” that can be adjusted to suit a corporation’s needs as easily as any other cost in the overhead calculation. If you prefer temp work or part time with the low wages and […]

It’s Official, Unemployed Need Not Apply!

You have been hoping against hope that the latest resume that you sent would get that interview for the job you want. But wait, employers don’t want to hire you. Why? you’re unemployed! Yes, that’s right now only the employed can look for work! Read about it here. With a staggering unemployment rate and hundreds […]

Is an increase in consumer spending a good thing?

The latest report on consumer spending shows an increase in credit card debt. Read the report, here. But, is this a good thing? Are we using our revolving debt to prop up our daily lives, or are we feeling flush and spending on items to enhance our lives? With all the other bad news lately […]

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