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Boomers Will Work Longer!

In another confirmation of the continuing bad news for working Americans, a new survey shows (read the article here) that Baby Boomers will delay retirement, or not retire at all! There is hope for those who would “reframe” their experience into one of helping themselves and others to escape the dismal job search for the […]

Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks for Want of a Word –

Here’s the case study of the Boomer plight: Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks for Want of a Word – Mr. Ballesteros is 62 and on extended unemployment, or would be if the politicians in his home state, AZ. had any empathy or economic sense. But, here’s the thing, he is at the sweet spot for starting […]

What’s an “Everyperson Franchise”?

Separate studies from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Center on Aging and Work at Boston College indicate that Americans are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs at age 50 or later. This trend is expected to intensify as baby boomers expand the age group at unprecedented rates. Even the over-65 age group is becoming self-employed more […]

Jobs: May unemployment rate up to 9.1%; employers add just 54,000 jobs –

Another depressing report about job creation by U.S.employers: Jobs: May unemployment rate up to 9.1%; employers add just 54,000 jobs – And, small employers are not adding workers, either. The total unemployment/underemployment rate is 15.8%! Can you ignore the fact that secure employment and adequate wages are a thing of the past? All is […]

How to Creatively Destroy Your Life!

The economy continues to stumble along creating few new jobs, but the productivity of the overall economy is at all time record highs. As with the last two recessions many millions of people, many of them older workers with skills that are no longer in demand, have been displaced, most of them permanently. This is […]

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