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The Desperation of Online Marketers

I am on the mailing lists of more than a few online direct marketers. I purchased products from some, tried and returned products from a few and got unsolicited emails from a few more. Maybe you are the same.

Most of what they send is crap, frankly. And, too often, they are hyping the same products. I know this because inevitably, they all spin the same new stuff their own way within a day or two of each other. This is their desperation!

But, it got me to thinking about the world of online direct marketing and how they, and many of us, get trapped into thinking that this is how it must be to earn a decent living in the online world. You know the process, build a list, email to the list, share the list to build the list, email to the list. Create, private label or become an affiliate and do it all over again. Until we forget why we started doing this!

So, let me step back and ask you why you are doing this; Why are you doing this? For the money? For the time you can spend with your family? To make up for the lack of good employment in your area? Why?

Next, let me ask you about your results. Are they what you were hoping for when you started down this path? Are you really making the money you expected? Do you have the time with your family that you wanted, or are you spending more time in front of your computer, tablet and smartphone trying to make a sale on some super affiliates product.

Well, if the reality of your activities are more the latter than the realization of your expectations, let me suggest an alternative. Leave the online marketing of affiliate products to those who are ahead of you on the food chain. Yes, leave the desperation to others and do something different to earn your income.

Learn about “Neighborhood Marketing” and the health and wellness business that’s well over $100 billion in sales revenue each year and that is wide open for your talents! Your neighborhood has hundreds of consumers in it. Your city has hundreds of thousands of prospects. And, unlike your email marketing business, with recurring sales of products that people want and use, you only need a few regular customers to earn a good living. A six figure living.

Isn’t that a much better alternative to marketing products to an unresponsive list and having to find new email addresses and rebuilding your credibility? I found it to be so and you will too.

Take a look at my video, here┬ánow, and take a look at what this concept offers you! You won’t be disappointed.

I hope to be talking with you, soon, about how Neighborhood Marketing can get you back on track to the kind of life you wanted when you decided to get into online marketing.

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