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How Many Calories Does Sizzle Have?

The network marketing world is wonderfully diverse. It covers many different product types and services and has a range of commission models and preferred marketing methods.

But, they all share a common promotion methodology. It’s called “sizzle” which is the stand in shorthand for creating the initial excitement that drives distributors to them. You’ve seen this with big events where you can mingle with their big hitters or listen to well known motivational speakers. On a local level, the “fake it till you make it” types will dazzle you with their latest big check or show you an expensive watch or walk you out to their luxury sedan or high end sports car.

And, you are impressed! Maybe enough to sign on and fork over your money for whatever their requirements are for their undivided attention to you. But, how many calories does sizzle have? Can you live on sizzle and be successful on sizzle alone?

What if, after signing up and doing everything you’re told to do, there’s no steak? Or, there is steak, but it’s tough and unchewable or fatty? What do you do? Well, you get as much of your money back as you can and run away!

But, after licking your wounds and recovering from the foolish feelings, don’t give up on network marketing! There are good and substantial companies in the marketplace that can be the product and support base for your dreams of success. Just ask a few questions before you take the plunge. Then, run if it’s more sizzle or sign up if there is actual steak and substance!

Here are a few questions that should be easy to answer for any distributor who is attempting to recruit you

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Who founded it?
    1. If it’s a wellness based MLM, the founders had better be involved in the product formulations
    2. If it’s a wellness based MLM, how many graduate level researchers are directly involved in product development?
  3. Has the company ever been sued for its business practices?
  4. Does the company manufacture its products(assuming that it’s a product based company)?
  5. Can the company produce 1099’s of successful business leaders?
  6. What are the product purchase requirements for a business building distributor?
  7. How many people must be recruited as your downline to produce a decent income?

This should be your short list of questions in any recruiting discussion. I hope that it creates more questions for you. And, be positive, but be wise in your research. There’s a good living to be had in network marketing, but only if you can learn to sniff through the sizzle to find the steak!

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