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Why Your MLM Online Marketing Sucks!

If you are a network marketer, you are very likely doing some form of online marketing. It could just be a Facebook presence or you may be putting your “dream board” on Pinterest in the expectation of like minded souls running into your fantasy beach home or Ferrari and Porsche pictures.

Perhaps you have been following the latest MLM online guru who has a full complement of adwords, or long tail keyword or article strategies for you to follow, and buy. Maybe you are paying your MLM company for their website services.

How ever much involved you are in any or all of the above, STOP!! NOW!! Here’s why; It doesn’t work for most MLM’ers, it drains funds that can otherwise be used for more effective marketing and it distracts you from your business.

So, what’s the alternative that will help you to reach your business goals? Simple, straightforward, Neighborhood Marketing. What is it, you ask? It is the direct marketing that you regularly do in your immediate neighborhood and area.

To understand why this is the most effective marketing to do to get you to your business goals, ask yourself a few easy to answer questions:

  • How many people live in your town
  • How many people live in your county
  • How many small businesses operate in your town
  • How much direct marketing do they do

These easy to answer questions will guide you to success in your business, once you have your growth goals firmly established. You have a clear understanding of what it takes to move ahead in your network marketing company, don’t you? That is simply the number of consumers and/or downline business builders it takes in your network for you to meet your income objectives.

The answers to the above questions along with the absolute number of people you must recruit into your business, or get to change their brand habits to your products is the magic number to your business success in your chosen MLM company. And, you don’t need the distractions of online marketing to keep you from the swift completion of your personal goals!

If you are in the U.S. and want to get started in a network marketing business that will amply reward you for the long term, contact me to discuss how my blueprint for quick income will help you to build your business!

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