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Why Affiliate Marketers Should Be Network Marketers

As I have researched online marketing in general, I have noticed that the overlap in skills and interests between Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers is very high. And, I have come to this conclusion, if you are an Affiliate Marketer, you really should be a Network Marketer! Bear with me for a bit as I run down why I believe this to be so.

The profile for Affiliate Marketers is (similarities with Network Marketers are in bold type and differences are shown with indented bullets):

  • Almost evenly split between women and men
    • Network Marketing has historically been mostly women’s businesses
  • Close to half have a four year degree
  • Most are married and have children
  • Most work from home
  • Affiliate Marketers are overwhelmingly SoHo single person businesses
    • Network Marketing has more spousal involvement in successful businesses
  • Growth in Affiliate Marketing has exploded since the recent 2009 recession
    • Network Marketing business growth tends to rise during recessions
  • Most are distributing consumer products exclusively
    • Affiliates have a higher percentage of information products
  • Most select products based on their commission rate
  • About half select products based on personal experience
    • Most Network Marketers select products based on friends testimonials
  • More than half are promoting up to 20 different products
    • Network Marketers stay with a single product company/plan
  • Fewer than 10% of Affiliate Marketers earn more than $50K
  • Close to 40% of Affiliate Marketers earn less than $5K

From a marketing activity perspective, the similarities between the two business types are, again, startling. Most Affiliate Marketers concentrate on SEO, blogging and social media activities to promote their businesses, as do Network Marketers. Fewer of either discipline use email marketing to promote their products.

So, what are the differences? Network marketing is a more social business than Affiliate marketing and network marketers tend not to spend much time analyzing their entry into their business, as their growth has historically been a word of mouth, friend/family member to friend/family member.

Network marketing favors product based offerings, health and wellness, weight loss, muscle gain and some telecommunications and internet based products while a large percentage of affiliates are still offering ebooks and software.

As network marketing businesses grow, they do not present a greater marketing effort to its owner to recruit downline distributors while for an affiliate business to grow into a super affiliate,  recruiting lower level affiliates requires more websites, different copywriting strategies and further time and expense if the marketing effort is outsourced.

A further, and more significant difference between these businesses is that product research and the base of marketing materials is easier with a network marketing business. While many affiliate marketers bristle at having these materials available, it is a distinct advantage in understanding the product and in doing web development and copywriting faster.

Both businesses suffer from a long ramp to income, but network marketing companies have responded with aggressive start up bonuses for their new distributors who both sell their products and recruit new distributors into their company.

Finally, affiliate marketers have a large marketing advantage over network marketers as affiliates already understand the online challenges and processes for getting online and being responsive to website visitors and business recruiting whereas network marketers tend to not have that background due to the history of the business model and a lack of online sophistication.

So, to wrap up, if you are currently either an affiliate marketer or looking into starting your online business, you should seriously consider becoming a network marketer, especially in the weight loss and health and wellness market where growth is off the charts from our obesity epidemic and Baby Boomers who want to look, feel and be young longer than their parents.

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