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What Ann Romney Said…

Ann Romney recently responded to a snarky comment about her life as a stay at home Mom. Without going into the politics of it, she did acknowledge how difficult it is to be a stay at home Mom, even with the financial resources of being a Romney.

But, is that enough? How similar was her life as compared to yours, if you stay at home to raise your kids? What financial challenges do you face, what sacrifices do you make to sustain your life without Ann Romney’s family wealth? Were you a professional career woman who changed “careers” to be with your kid’s, does your husband/partner have the wherewithal to support your growing family? Is he/she vulnerable to layoff’s in this continuing poor economy, perhaps requiring you to find work outside of your home?

Perhaps you have researched work at home positions to ease the financial strain and generate some income as a fallback plan. Did you find anything worth pursuing that would truly add to the family finances while leaving you with the time necessary to spend with the children?

It is likely that you encountered more scams and schemes than legitimate opportunity. Unfortunately, that’s how it is, mostly. But, not always.

There are legitimate home business opportunities out there, but they are not always the most noticeable. Some are quietly helping regular families, like yours, to add to their incomes while leaving more than enough time for them to enjoy their life choices. Some families have even gone on to make it their only source of income!

Any legitimate business, large or small, takes dedication and time to build. But how much time depends on your honest efforts to reach out to other’s in similar situations, or develop effective marketing to find receptive prospects. Productive time to build your business can be found when your children are napping, at school, at play. Time on the playground can be used to talk with other Mom’s who may also be searching for financial relief and are receptive to your activities.

The ideal home business is one that offers consumable products, ideally green oriented, and offers all of the back of the house systems you should expect like direct delivery to your customers, online payment systems, order tracking and direct deposit of your compensation.

But, how do you choose such a product partner? Here are a few suggestions, look for a company that has been in business for some time. Avoid new companies, or ones that make aggressive claims about their products. Work only with a true manufacturer, not a reseller of other’s products.

And, that manufacturer must also be the developer of their own products, so look for how many researchers they employ, if they are offering nutrition products, even how many papers they have published in legitimate peer reviewed magazines.

Finally, how much will you make for your efforts. After all, you are doing this to help your family, so you want as generous a compensation plan as you can find!

Congratulations on choosing to be at home with your children, It is a choice that few families are making, but it is one that is important! Make it a little less financially perilous by taking a look at work at home opportunities, including one here!

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