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Working to 80?

So, the new retirement plan for many workers is, working until they are 80! According to a just released survey by Wells Fargo,

  • A quarter (25%) of middle class Americans say they will “need to work until at least age 80” to live comfortably in retirement
  • Three-fourths (74%) of middle class Americans expect to work in their retirement years, including 39% of all respondents who will need to work to make ends meet or maintain their lifestyles, while 35% say they will work because they want to, rather than out of financial need.
  • Among middle class Americans age 40 to 59, 54% say they will “need to work,” compared to 34% of those age 25 to 39. Accordingly, only 25% of those between the ages of 40 and 59 say they will work in retirement because they “want to,” versus 45% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 39.
  • Of the Americans who will work in retirement, 47% say they will do “similar work” to their pre-retired years, while 42% say they will work in a position that requires “less responsibility.”

Welcome to the post “Great Recession of the Early 21st Century” economic world!

On the other hand, retirement, as we have come to know it, is a recent mid-20th century concept. As the collective wealth of nations increased after WWII, and economic growth seemed unlimited, it became possible for the growing middle class to have enough savings to retire to a warm place and pursue the leisure activities they put off during their working and child rearing years. That didn’t last long, did it!

Now, with the stark reality of no to low growth economies, low corporate employment due to technological advances and offshoring of labor to low cost countries, and the overworking of those with a corporate position, American workers have to face a less than golden future of working longer and in lesser positions to maintain any sort of a decent life for themselves (imagine a very large increase in Walmart greeters!).

Also from the survey:

“A majority of middle class Americans (53%) say they “need to significantly cut back on spending today to save for retirement.” Americans have saved, on average, only 7% of their desired retirement nest egg– a median of $25,000 in retirement savings vs. a median retirement goal of $350,000. Three in ten people (29%) in their 60s have saved less than $25,000 for retirement, possibly indicating they will rely heavily on Social Security.”
If some, any, or all of the above gloomy news affects you, how will you cope with those possibilities? If there is an option to avoid these poor outcomes, to recoup your portfolio losses and enjoy the retirement you expected, would you want to know about it? Or, are you OK with a part time job and your social security check?

There are better options than the choices most people know about. Self employment, especially as a health and wellness network marketer, can provide the income boost that part time work at a local small business or national retailer provides.

The health and wellness field is growing faster than the Baby Boomers! It offers a way to stay meaningfully engaged with those you know, and those you will come to know, as you help them to feel and look younger, longer, and maintain their youthful vigor. Things that are important to Baby Boomers and those who are concerned about their health and vitality.

To explore your network marketing options, and learn about how to get started, go here, now!

Change the future you face by changing it now!

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