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Job Fairs Don’t Help, Should You Use Them?

A recent article by Challenger, Grey & Christmas points out that Job Fairs are one of the least effective methods of finding work. But, 10’s of thousands of job seekers are going to them every week around the country! Many are organized by local Congressional representatives who want to be seen by their voting public to be doing something about the continuing poor economy.

And, even the corporate human resources representatives, who were surveyed in 2009, agree that job fairs are a terrible way to find work.

But, as a network marketing business owner, can you turn this job seeking disaster into a successful recruiting event for your business? Yes, I believe so, and here’s why; Job fairs draw lots of the active unemployed who are aggressively looking for work. With hundreds, even thousands showing up at one place, all with one thing on their mind, job fairs are an ideal recruiting event!

Aren’t you spending lots of time, and money, for local advertising, in increasing your web site traffic? Are you using your local free and paid classifieds? In addition to all of your other marketing methods, now you can take advantage of other’s advertising money and organizational skills by simply noticing when a job fair is coming to your area, prepare your marketing material and distribute it to the people who are standing on line, which is what they will be doing most of the time as they wait for their name tags and wait to talk with the corporate recruiters in the booths.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to prepare too much, as only a few will be receptive to your message and most will simply throw your material away, but, in any good multilevel pay plan, you only need a few to be successful, right? What if it’s possible to find a couple at each job fair that you target? What would that do for your income next ┬ámonth?

Job fairs are also good places to test your marketing materials. With the numbers of people who you give your material too, you will have a decent sample size to test different headlines, copy, even paper color and typefaces.

You can even target demographically within the line, if it’s large enough. Prepare a few different copy and headlines for Baby Boomers, women, younger workers, military veterans. They each have different personal reasons, in addition to being unemployed, for attending the job fair. If you are part of one of those groups, so much the better as the person you hand your material to, will be more receptive to your approach and marketing effort.

This is also a great place to experiment with new methods of contact. Don’t simply have your contact number and web address on your material, use a QR code to direct them to your site while they stand on line! Or, use it to survey them about their interest in learning about new ways to achieve income security, build equity and pass along a business to their children.

Job fairs can be a terrific opportunity for you to be creative in recruiting people who have identified themselves as needing a new source of income. They can refresh your interest in building your organization and they can quickly increase your monthly residual income! As a professional network marketer, you own it to yourself to take full advantage of a job fair’s ability to attract the kind of people you have been looking for, at a minimum cost to to you!


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