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And the Bad News Keeps on Coming!

By now, you have likely heard the news about how many more Americans are living in poverty since 2008 and how that number doesn’t count those younger people who are living with their parents, or who have moved back in with them. If their income were counted separately, a staggering 45.3% of Americans below age 64 are living in poverty! Read the article, here.

You have to admit that this is not the U.S. that you could ever have dreamed of in your worst nightmare! It sure isn’t mine.

But, here’s the thing, if you look around, there is still a lot of opportunity here. It’s just a little more difficult to recognize with the constant barrage of gloom and doom that we have assaulting us everywhere we turn.

Many people you know, and even more who you don’t, are ready to make changes for the better in their lives. They’re ready to embrace new opportunities, ready to make changes, but are reluctant because it looks like a bad time to step out on their own, especially with a network marketing business.

That’s our challenge, to find the few who are willing to ignore the crowd think of a poor economy. It may take longer to achieve the success you desire, you may have to work harder, you will come across more people who refuse to believe that an honest, ethical home based business opportunity exists, but you can still have the life you want. And, you will be better off, personally and financially, ¬†for the effort that you put in as you will inspire the people you meet and those around you to lose their reluctance to regain their life and increase their security with an independent income.

Yes, recruiting people to a network marketing business can seem impossible, even in the best of economies. But, now is the time when people are looking to change their lives, the millions of online searches for home based and network marketing businesses everyday prove it.And, with the generous pay plans of legitimate network marketing companies that also offer quick start programs, your prospects can earn good money, as much as $1,500 in their first month and a comfortable $100,000 within 12-15 months with a sustained effort. That’s in addition to the standard pay plan earnings for building a strong organization of like minded entrepreneurs. What other small business opportunity, or franchise is offering that?

So, get busy building or improving your online presence, swallow your pride and extend your marketing strategy to include offline methods, and be a positive force for prosperity in our country by leading the willing to the only true security there is, self employment with a health and wellness based network marketing company!

Good luck, and if you want my help, I’m eager to show you where the best of online marketing, done inexpensively, if not free, lives! Spend a few more minutes here, now!

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