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When the Bad News Keeps Coming…

The weekend’s news did not bring any relief to those of us who are hoping for a better economy! The bad news continues, here’s a good article on the bad numbers and the prospects for a “double dip recession”, the kind not seen since 1937 where the economy gets worse without getting better.

There is good news, though, of a sort. Starting a personal business, one that offers solid, secure and ample income to you and your family, is not a risky activity anymore! That’s right, it’s not a risky or extreme activity any longer.

Why? Simple, while corporate job opportunities are very few and difficult to get, unless you are living in another country and small business opportunities are limited, there is a huge population of consumers who want to have high quality personal and household products for their own use.

Many want to switch their household products to green ones that will eliminate the toxins that are contributing to their kid’s asthma and other serious health problems.

Others want shed weight to look their best to compete in the brutally competitive job market. Many others use retail store nutrition products of unknown quality and effectiveness.

And, Baby Boomers refuse to grow old and want anti-aging products that will help them to maintain their youthful appearance.

You can be in the middle of thousands of consumers who will switch brands, if given the chance to learn about alternatives that are safer, effective, green and can pay them for using them!

You are the nexus of a mass of consumers who want quality but have been convinced that quality is out of their reach. And, you can also discover that many of them, like you, want more for themselves and their families. Not obscene more, but more financial stability, more lifestyle security, more time with and a better education for their kids.

All this is possible with your own health and wellness business. Low start up costs, low overhead, a large market of consumers and potential business partners makes this idea a better one than counting on a secure corporate job, or regaining the one you lost.

Start by going here and watching a video. Then, talk it over with your spouse. Take a step away from the jobs economy and one towards the personal economy. Do it NOW!

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