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Have You Given Up?

According to several sources, American worker productivity is down as a result of fewer new business start up, read one of the reports, here. This is a new, and troubling finding, as job creation through new businesses is the primary engine of job creation.

These reports, of course, do not count network marketing businesses in their numbers. If they did, they might have to re-write the headlines! Growth in network marketing takes off in poor economies and the reasons aren’t difficult to understand.

Poor economies, especially this one, are great for recruiting new business builders to your network marketing business. With little to no job creation in the regular business model and multinational corporations trying to hide their job additions overseas from the American worker (read the article here) and small businesses still suffering from a lack of consumer demand, the opportunity to succeed with a business that’s easy to set up, takes little to no capital and offers products that virtually every American uses, is persuasive.

The most difficult challenge facing you in network marketing success, is those around you who will do their best to discourage you in your efforts to do something that they perceive as too different from working for someone else. But, don’t listen to them! They will be more supportive and interested when you have experienced a little bit of success!

And, is making a sincere effort to leave a struggling life behind, to achieve  the life of your dreams, such a leap of imagination? How long do you want your family to suffer along with you, if you are unemployed or under employed and can’t provide the kind of life that your career once offered them?

Many network marketing companies now offer a quick start type of program to make the transition to your MLM business start up easier. They have found that small successes in the first 90 days, even in the first two weeks, are crucial to you, the new business builder. So, look for one with such a plan and make every effort to max out your compensation in your first 90 days!

So, even though this economy continues to disappoint, don’t give up! The network marketing industry is having its best success ever and your consistent efforts will yield success for you!

If you have not started your business but are looking for an honest opportunity with great products, look here, I will be happy to help you to to earn up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) in your first two weeks and then max out the best pay plan in the network marketing industry that offers up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) in incentives over the next fifteen months, plus your regular earnings from our generous pay plan!

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