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It’s Official, Unemployed Need Not Apply!

You have been hoping against hope that the latest resume that you sent would get that interview for the job you want. But wait, employers don’t want to hire you. Why? you’re unemployed! Yes, that’s right now only the employed can look for work! Read about it here.

With a staggering unemployment rate and hundreds of thousands out of work for much longer than six months, employers have their choice of candidates for the few jobs they are adding. Alice in Wonderland has come true!

Now, more than ever, unemployed, underemployed, employed, it is important for you to build equity in yourself with a health and wellness based business.

You can leave the stress, uncertainty, long hours, lack of raises, lack of appreciation all behind to design the kind of life you want to live with the kind of income you need to live it! Click here, now, to get started.

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