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What’s an “Everyperson Franchise”?

Separate studies from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Center on Aging and Work at Boston College indicate that Americans are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs at age 50 or later. This trend is expected to intensify as baby boomers expand the age group at unprecedented rates.

Even the over-65 age group is becoming self-employed more often now, according to the Kauffman Foundation research, and, in a study published by AARP in 2004, there is an upward trend in the number of people over age 50 who own incorporated businesses.

While many of these “Baby Boomer” entrepreneurs are drawn to the challenge of succeeding in business, experts say, many are pushed into the effort by the difficult circumstances of the current, stagnant, economy.

Despite some companies’ efforts to retain senior workers, corporate downsizing has left many of them out of jobs before they wanted to leave. Also, as retirement looms, they are taking a harder look at how much they have accrued toward retirement, and if it will support the quality of life they had expected. If someone wants to begin to earn more, entrepreneurship can seem easier or more attractive than finding good-paying salaried employment after 50.

Unemployment is a powerful motivator for entrepreneurship, said Rob Fairlie, the author of the “Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity.” He said his research shows that people who lost jobs are more likely to start businesses than others. Of those who do, he said, the average age is 50.

Sometimes, older workers look into buying a business as a way to ease into retirement. But there are very few successful traditional companies that allow the owners to work half-days, orthodox entrepreneurship requires long hours.

Regardless, older entrepreneurs tend to be more satisfied than their counterparts in salaried jobs, according to research at the Boston College center. In an unpublished study, some 90 percent of small-business owners over age 50 that the center surveyed were more likely than wage and salaried workers to want to stay in the same job.

The “Everyperson Franchise” idea is that of using the experience, management and social skills that Baby Boomers have and applying them to a network marketing business that does not make extraordinary demands on their time. With no franchise fees to contribute to their overhead, multilevel marketers can build their business in any number of ways, from simple direct social marketing, to product sales in their community and to an online presence that will build social media skills that extend their business to across the globe .

Boomer’s are not aging gracefully! They fully expect to extend their youthful appearance and active lives well beyond what was expected for their parents and grandparents!

There are many products available exclusively from network marketing manufacturers that fit this healthful outlook, from skin care to anti-aging serums.

Most of these companies require nothing more than switching personal use to their brands and telling other’s about the products. They take care of everything else, online ordering, shipping, tracking of commissions and even signing up members online!

A Health and Wellness based “Everyperson Franchise” is ideal for Boomers to build, starting with their social circle and extending to their professional contacts who are also experiencing the same career difficulties. And, there are no employees or office space to make demands on your time or bank account!


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