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How to Achieve “eudaemonia”

Hi, I came across this very interesting article this morning! Take some time to read it and let it sink in:

Turn your back on opulence, America –

Now, think about how to achieve that state of eudaemonia – ‘flourishing’ in your present position. In a traditional career, you are subject to an income that is determined by your employer, even if you are a commissioned sales person. And, you are expected to be similar to everyone at or near your wage scale. You live similarly, consume similarly, go on vacation similarly. If that’s your vision for yourself and your family, cool.

In today’s economy, what if you’ve lost your hard won position and now either looking for work or working at a lower capacity and income level? How do you recover from that financial and social loss?

Regardless of your present circumstances or previous achievements, what if you desire more from life that the approval of others and a cookie cutter life? Is there a career opportunity that can provide the income security to go your own way?

Yes, it’s called network marketing and it frees you from having to life life under other’s expectations. Now, having achieved a secure and ample income, you can “flourish” and do the things you want, learn to play an instrument, create a home garden, travel, teach, learn, educate yourself and give your children the best education possible.

You can still buy stuff, if that’s your desire, but a successful health and wellness based network marketing business gives you a freedom that’s much more than owning stuff, it gives you the freedom of owning your life!

If you think that this is an opportunity worth pursuing, please contact me, soon! I look forward to talking with you about your own version of “eudaemonia”!

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