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Can You Get Off the Treadmill?

After reading the recent Mother Jones article (here’s the link) about how many corporation’s are using this recovery to increase their profits by extracting more work from their remaining employees, I commented on how alternatives like network marketing can change lives profoundly.

A reply to my posting came from a woman who lamented that “for many of us, myself included, we are stuck on a treadmill that sucks out all our creative energy & developmental time”, and, “In order to be entrepeneurial, you need the time & resources to develop something. I’m not terribly fond of starvation, but if you would be willing to provide me the resources so I can quit one or 2 of my jobs in order to develop my own business, I’d be most gratified.”

Now, having been on the corporate “treadmill” for a good portion of my adult life, including the early stages of taking on more work because of layoff’s, I can empathize with her.

But, here’s the thing, I always knew that the “treadmill” leads nowhere and I had to get off, no matter what I needed to do.

Is this woman typical of the many overworked American’s who accept their fate? “I am very well educated (I hold a Ph.D.) & experienced, yet I cannot find a full time job in my field.” Perhaps more educated than most, but she has the same problems as many other workers or would be workers, “I work 2″part-time” jobs, totalling 70 – 85 hours per week, just to make barely enough to pay my bills.  I’ve got no paid health insurance,  no savings, no retirement program and no future” a very sad statement of hopelessness that is all too familiar these days. “My dad retired in the 80’s at age 55 with full benefits, but for me at age 50, it looks like I’ll be working until I keel over.”

She also shared her experience with multilevel marketing, “BTW, I’ve tried network marketing a couple of times & it never worked for me. Each time, I invested thousands of dollars & got diddly-squat.”  and… “might work for those who have the leisure to pursue & follow up on contacts, but for those of us who work with the same 5 people day in & day out, finding new customers becomes another time & money suck on limited resources.  Online businesses take time to set up & develop.  How am I supposed to go full out & pursue these things if I don’t have time & resources to invest? Your solution is unrealistic for most people caught on the job treadmill. I applaud you if you were able to find the time & money to invest in a network marketing scheme that paid off for you, but for many people, these MLMs are just rip-offs.”

Now she is telling me where the real problem lies, she has had bad experiences with ineffective, and perhaps, unscrupulous MLM leaders.

At first thought, she sounds like a whining overworked and over stressed woman who has made poor choices in education, jobs, MLM’s and wants to be rescued from her life. But, no, that is a cruel and thoughtless view. She is an all too typical American who is struggling with a life only partially of her making, a woman who wants better for herself and family but who cannot find that spark, that excitement that self belief that will provide the motivation, that bravery, to get off the treadmill and create the life she expected for herself when she was younger.

Her bad experiences with network marketing have caused her to blame all in this industry, …“for many people, these MLMs are just rip-offs.”, so I have nothing for her, which is fine as I expect only a self selecting few to work with on their exit from the treadmill!

The bigger and more personal question for you, is, after reading about this woman who feels like there is no hope, who expects no retirement and who has rejected the opportunity of an MLM business as a vehicle out of her current life, do you have the same sense of helplessness with a loss of expectation of something better?

Or, can you see yourself getting off the treadmill, somehow? Do you have the drive and desire to create more for yourself and family, no matter the vehicle?

Network marketing is not for everyone, but, getting off the treadmill is! The only one’s who benefit from treadmills are the companies that provided them to you. And, they have proven that you will not share in the increased profits, you will only be driven harder to increase those profits yet again, for their benefit.

Will you get off the treadmill? If so, how soon do you want to be able to stand on your own two feet by creating equity and true financial security for yourself?

Let me help!

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