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Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks for Want of a Word –

Here’s the case study of the Boomer plight: Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks for Want of a Word –

Mr. Ballesteros is 62 and on extended unemployment, or would be if the politicians in his home state, AZ. had any empathy or economic sense.

But, here’s the thing, he is at the sweet spot for starting his own network marketing business, he is a “Baby Boomer” with excellent work experience that translates very well into a successful network marketing business.

He can use his social and professional networks to help others who are also suffering from this cruel economy and put himself  back in a healthy financial position.

So, is it that a health and wellness based network marketing business is unattractive to him, or unknown or considered to be too outside of the mainstream for an experienced professional?

Why don’t more Boomers look at self employment or home based businesses rather than continue to beat themselves into poverty by trying to find a job?

What was risky is now not so much, as we all have to be more creative in our career choices, more selfish as fewer of us will have long term positions with one employer. No more gold watches!

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