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What I Noticed on a Billboard

I was driving with a friend over the weekend and, at a stoplight, noticed a billboard that was practically indecipherable.

It wasn’t in another language and it did have one call to action and an 800 number, but neither of us could figure out what the advertiser was trying to say.

As we continued along, my friend hit on it. The billboard had a gas mask looking thing on it and he guessed that the ad was for a sleep apnea clinic! And, he said, that since neither of us has the condition that the ad was not “meant” for us.

Now, he’s right. The clinic was advertising for people who had the condition and not those who don’t.

But, and here’s where this applies to network marketing and advertising for those who might want what we have, what about the people passing the billboard who might know someone with sleep apnea? Wouldn’t the clinic like to turn passersby into referrals for their solution?

And, that’s what you want to do with any advertising that you do, or are considering. From your domain name to your keywords to your landing page and articles, include everyone who comes across your copy.

They may not be interested in what you are offering, but, if your domain name and copy tells your story and is compelling, they might tell someone who wouldn’t otherwise visit your site.

Don’t be like the sleep apnea clinic and throw traffic away!

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