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How to Creatively Destroy Your Life!

The economy continues to stumble along creating few new jobs, but the productivity of the overall economy is at all time record highs. As with the last two recessions many millions of people, many of them older workers with skills that are no longer in demand, have been displaced, most of them permanently.

This is the period of “Creative Destruction” that economists point to in explaining how these circumstances are good for us all. Many experienced workers are being pushed aside along with solidly middle class occupations such as printing machine operators, travel agents, executive and administrative assistants that are now gone forever.

The “offshore” transition of American jobs to other countries continues as part of this trend. With permanently cheaper wage rates and no benefits to inflate their labor costs, the “offshore” employers and American companies benefit, as do you, as a consumer.

So, how do you contribute on the consumer side when you are unemployed or underemployed with little to no prospect of finding a job at your former wage rate?¬†Why not “Creatively Construct” a new life and way of earning a good living by starting a wellness based home business? It is inexpensive to start and, if you are part of the “Baby Boomer” explosion, you are the sweet spot for wellness products and opportunities!

This is the ideal time to take control of your life and provide products and services that are in demand by a very large group that is redefining aging and views health, wellness and anti-aging products as part of the fight to maintain vigor and youthfulness.

This field is on its way to be a Trillion Dollar Market. Taking advantage of this can make you economically comfortable and secure by simply engaging with others who desire the same things as you, a renewed purpose through a meaningful home business that helps others live a longer, more healthy life and offers the financial resources to enjoy it!

There are many MLM based wellness businesses that will welcome your interest in their products and opportunity. Most cost little to join other than a small distributor fee and a personal product order. What you accomplish from there is up to your own efforts. All MLM businesses encourage their distributors to “share” the products with others to grow their business from personal experience and personal contacts. This is the usual method for most MLM startups but, you can use your business experience to grow more quickly through direct or online marketing. Should you want help to achieve rapid growth of your online efforts, click here.

In today’s economy, with little job growth expected and extended joblessness for older workers, a home business in the rapidly growing health and wellness field could be your way back to the security of solid income and a renewed sense of accomplishment that cannot be taken away regardless of what the larger economy is doing.

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